Monday, July 16, 2018

Wine On Down the Road

Continued from this here post:

And so, we were in Evansville. Well, Newburgh, Indiana, to start with. This was a return-to-things-familiar trip for us, and also, a getting-to-do-stuff-we'd-been-wanting-to-do-for-a-while voyage.

We drove along the Ohio River, our river, and looked up at the monster mansions situated high up the hill, protected from floods, then drove through the downtown area, past my aunt and uncle's antique store, past the old Newburgh Country Store. The Country Store was where I'd head to as a teenager to buy my black light posters.

Can't buy cool stuff at the Country Store any longer, so we headed to the next best place, Treasures & Pleasures, for our cool stuff. Found some good bumper stickers. Could've spent more money there. Lots of dragon items.

Time for a beer. We met up with Branson's cousin Mike. I hadn't seen Mike in several years, and it was good to sit down and have a cold one with him. We hit a bar down off Franklin Street called Maidens. Nice place. Quiet. And Franklin Street is in the older, more historically Germanic area of Evansville. Comfortable.

... to be continued....

Keep writing, friends.

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