Sunday, July 8, 2018

Wine Guys on the Loose

The plan had been to camp a couple of nights, then motel it another night. As summer had set in with full-force vengeance, however, including heat, humidity, and a few thunderbumpers (one of Owensboro's former weather reporters terms for thunderstorms), Branson and I opted for no camping. Which turned out to be a wise choice.

Now, mind you that it's been over a week since we headed out on our long-overdue buddy trip through some or our old stomping grounds in southern Indiana, then into new territory in southern Illinois, so my brain cells may be shy an accurate memory or two, but that's never stopped me before. Fortunately, I have several of the receipts from our journey, so I will hopefully remember things as I go through them. We'll see what happens.

As it had been some time since being in Owensboro, we kicked things off in proper style with a tour of my old hometown, beginning with a great Mexican restaurant and beer. I've forgotten the restaurant's name, but the food was outstanding, as was the beer. I think it was Estrella Damm, from Barcelona. A damn good beer. Sorry. Had to do that.

The next day, amid nearly horizontal rain, we trekked over to Evansville, another former hometown for Branson and I....

And the adventure will continue later, as there are cats calling me for food, then I have to grab supper.

Everyone feel free to comment and ask questions.

Keep writing, friends.

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