Wednesday, May 30, 2018

Waiting Tables is Hard, Comedy is Easy... Or is it the Other Way Around?

Back to Chicago for a quick review of one of our favorite places, Butch McGuire's Tavern & Grill. Right around the corner from our hotel, we were in need of a couple of Guinness's, draft, and some food. Butch's was the perfect place for a mid-afternoon meal.

Our waitress was Crystal, a possible rising star comedy writer. We're keeping our fingers crossed for you, Crystal. She's trying to get in with Second City, so best o' luck to you.

At the time of day we hit Butch's, it was perfect. Quiet, comfortable, with plenty of atmosphere. And the Guinnesses. Ah, perfect. Wendy and I had a couple of their black bean burgers, which were excellent. I had a side of baked beans, Wendy had the applesauce.

Crystal said we need to come back to Butch's for Christmas. She said the decorations are outrageous, and a line stretches out the door. We just might do that, if we can make it through the snow.

Keep writing, friends.

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