Thursday, May 3, 2018

I'll Bet He Hates Being Just Called It!

Well, at least he gets an exclamation mark at the end of his name.

So, continuing from yesterday's post about It! The Terror from Beyond Space, I was talking today with one of my good friends about the movie. We both noticed that unlike a lot of the B-flicks from the 50s, it was a sharp film. Contrast was good on the film, nothing fuzzy.

Several scenes reminded us of other movies, as happens, since we've cut our teeth on science fiction and horror. The creature had three toes, a nice tip o' th' monstrous hat to the Id monster in Forbidden Planet (1956). And, as already mentioned, there were so many similarities between It! and Alien. No chest-burster scene, but the creature did drain all bodily fluids from its victims, even carting them off and stashing them, Alien-style.


The beastie was dispatched at the end with the by now familiar method of "blowing the airlock" method. How the crew kept from getting sucked out into the void, I don't know. Guess they'd been working out.

This was an excellent science fiction horror flick, well worth watching. Once again, our thanks to the Tates Creek Public Library for hosting our band of Scoobies.

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Keep writing, friends.

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