Thursday, May 31, 2018

From the... Uhhh... to the Sublime

Wendy and I did part of the 400-mile yard sale along highway 68 today. This time we drove the northern route from Lexington, taking us up through Paris, Millersburg, Blue Licks State Resort Park, and Mays Lick, eventually ending up in Maysville. Wearing our sunscreen, we did our best to dodge sol's rays, and impending rain. We did a pretty good job at doing both, but the humidity was getting us. There was also something in the air getting to our sinuses.

Last year we had done some of the southern route out of Lexington, saw a bunch of multi-family setups. This time, not so much. Don't know if it was because of the threatening weather, or because it was the first day of the sale, but we thought we'd see a lot more goodies. As it was, however, we did score a few inexpensive finds, including an old book titled Godey's Lady's Book. The spine says "1858", but the copyright page is missing, so I haven't verified the actual date yet, but we picked that little jewel up for a buck.

Now, here's the part we loved. The fellow who ran that booth, nice fellow, by the way, had several prints for sale, many of which wouldn't even make it as motel art, I'm sorry to say. But, bless his heart, he thought they were rare items. He was trying to sell many of the prints for ten bucks each. The part I had to bite my tongue on, was he had prints of Pinky and Blue Boy. I had just innocently mentioned how my wife and I always try to see how many Pinkies and Blue Boys we can find in a given flea market booth (I think we've maxed at three.), and he started telling me how he'd looked online and found out how rare they were. I could only nod and walk away.

Oh, and there was one print he picked up, looked at the back, and said, I think this one's from Rome. Ah, well, I wish him the best at finding buyers for them.

We continued on, all the time watching the building storm clouds that had been following us. So far, we, and all the sellers had stayed dry.

Forgot to mention the lady we overheard at one location who was telling someone that the set of dishes she was selling came all the way from China. I'm sure they did.

Anyway, we bought a couple more items or so, including a VCR (knocked down to eight from ten--still need one to play some ancient tapes), a Three Stooges DVD, and a kitschy blue piece of pottery.

Okay, I'll ramble more tomorrow. Shutting down the presses for the evening. 'Night, all.

Keep writing, friends.

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