Friday, January 5, 2018

Ray Bradbury, Poet of the Fantastic

Found this little gem a while back at the ReStore, our local branch of Habitat for Humanity. We've discovered some great books there, just rummaging around.

Ah, Mr. Bradbury, you've done it again. The Autumn People is a Ballantine Books paperback collection of Ray's work, all illustrated, published in October of 1965. They originally appeared in EC Comics. I always knew Ray had the darkness within him that he's share with us, and here's proof. And the illustrations by artists like Johnny Craig, Jack Davis, George Evans, Graham Ingels, Jack Kamen, and Joe Orlando blend perfectly with his stories.

As Ray has said, "Beware the autumn people." And here we have eight wonderfully macabre stories proving that point. We have killer babies, women screaming from six feet under, and do-it-yourself funerals. There are people who deserve what they get, and others that don't. So, if it's good wintertime (or any other season) shivers you want, I hope you track this book down.

Keep writing, friends. And happy nightmares.

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