Tuesday, August 29, 2017

Sunday Afternoon, Wine, and Jazz

And not necessarily in that order. Perfect weather this past Sunday, August 27th, to hear the hottest frosty beasts around, the Baja Yetis. I forgot to wear my Yetis T-shirt that day, but they finally had CDs for sale. Yay! So, now I can listen to the Yetis anytime.

A perfectly bohemian atmosphere, too. Just the way I like it. Wendy and I and my father-in-law (who really loves jazz, by the way) like to get there early. Get a good seat up front, under a shade tree, that way. We packed our grub, carried our chairs, and a small fold-out table. Might as well be comfortable, y'know.

We weren't sure at first how many would appear. It got close to starting time, 3 o'clock, and not many folks yet. But right at three, here they came. Kids, dogs, and people in all shapes and sizes. Young, old, colorful costumes, folks doing artwork, a fellow on a powered, one-wheeled skateboard thing, everyone. Lots of color, lots of fun. Great vibes everywhere. It had sort of a carnival atmosphere.

Oh, and I forgot to mention the wine. This is part of the Jazz Arts Foundation, Inc., of Lexington, KY. Once a month, they have Jazz on the Porch at Talon Winery. And Talon has some mighty fine wine (apologies to Three Dog Night). This time we had their Monarch, a dry red, funky, with a hint of soul. Goes great with dark chocolate.

The Yetis play some of the best jazz/funk/soul I've heard, most of it their own concoction. Amazing talent coming from these guys. Yes, they play a few standards, such as Duke Ellington's "Caravan", and Horace Silver's "Song for My Father". But they crank out some jazz-rockin' originals. Did I mention they have a CD now? Called Gone Planet, it features ten Yeti originals.

I'd better get out of here afore I wear out my welcome. Before I go, though, I need to give a nod to Sunday's band members. We had Shaun Owens on trumpet, Danielle Barkman on drums, Bill Underwood on saxophone, Mark Falk on bass guitar, and Brandon Bowlds on guitar. Also joining them for a few songs was a member of another Lexington band called Coleslaw. His name is Jacob O'Donnell, and he has the fire. Plays sax like he's been playing it for a hundred years.

Great job, guys.

A few noteworthy sites before I head out:

The Jazz Arts Foundation, Inc. -- The Jazz Arts Foundation

Talon Winery -- Talon Winery

The Baja Yetis on Facebook -- The Baja Yetis

Keep writing, friends.

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