Sunday, June 4, 2017

Don't Want a Veg-a-Matic? What About a Portable Potty?

Step right in, take a seat
Picking up from my previous post, you'll want to check it out first:

Well, the four of us were on missions now after that first stop. Stuff for a dollar. Or less. Wendy and I are planning on creating some yard art in the back yard, so we were hunting for odd metal pieces--old pots and pans, pie tins, anything large enough we can fasten to a post.

Along they highway we saw plenty of folks who set up shop anywhere they could find a level spot. Here's a picture of one a bunch of neighbors threw together in Harrodsburg, KY.
Anyone have a crowbar for sale? Or a crosscut saw?

And I think this might be where we saw the first of the portable toilets. We didn't buy one, but it's somewhere on one of these tables, I'm certain.
Maybe I can find a cast iron skillet
Time for lunch. We hit downtown Harrodsburg's Kentucky Fudge Company. A mint condition soda fountain and pharmacy from the past. They used to have a guy in there who played ragtime music on an old piano, but the piano's gone. Still has fantastic atmosphere. And phenomenal food. Try the BLT. Wendy always goes for the olive nut sandwich, which I'm gonna have next time. And make sure you try a root beer float. Can't go wrong with that.
What kind of root beer was that?
It was a little after 4 and things were winding down, but we found a flea markety store in Perryville, KY. This is where we found the rest of the portable toilets. Not sure why I focused on pics of portable toilets, but they seemed to be at every stop.

Even found a Veg-a-Matic. We had one when I was a kid that sliced through my fingernail. When they say, "It slices, it dices...," they're not kidding.
It slices, it dices...
When we found the Styrofoam head on a stick, we figured it was time to call it a day. We figured we couldn't top that.
So, that was the capper to our 400 Mile Yard Sale outing. I know the US127 yard sale is coming up later in the summer. I'll bet there'll be portable toilets.

Keep writing, friends.

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