Monday, May 15, 2017

Where are the Rattlers?

Dancin' at the Reptile Zoo
You just can't beat a good reptile zoo. And while this one didn't have everything promised, it was still fun.

Wendy and I headed to Natural Bridge State Park today, a Monday, for an overnighter. And what should we see while heading there but one of my old favorite places to visit from when I was a kid, but a reptile zoo. Of course, these days, having seen my share of tilt houses, mystery spots, all manner of ghostly places, I told her, "Don't expect too much, hon."

Ah, but it was great to see one again. Somehow we (or, rather, I) had the impression I'd see brown recluses, black widows (not snakes, but, hey, venomous critters are venomous critters, and still appeal to the five-year-old in me... as long as they're in their glass cages), rattlesnakes, copperheads, and coral snakes. But, no, we saw a couple of cages of corn snakes, perhaps a copperhead, a king snake, and a few others I couldn't identify, all napping on top of one another in piles like kittens. A couple of aquariums of local fish and turtles completed the exhibit.

No, I didn't get to see any rattlesnakes, or coral snakes, or other poisonous creatures. But it did take me back to the days I'd holler for my parents to stop at one of those roadside places. And in my malleable memory, I remember riding on the back of a Galapagos Turtle, staring at a cobra, and watching a pit full of alligators.

Keep writing, friends.

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