Sunday, May 21, 2017

To Comma or Not to Comma

Yes, that is the question. And the answer is, it depends.

I have a tendency to toss in commas like garlic powder. Which I happen to like. A lot. So, as I'm in the midst of editing my novel for randomly and liberally sprinkled commas, what I find helpful is to read passages out loud. I know I've brought that up before, but it's a vital part of editing.

And, one of my other idiosyncrasies is to begin sentences with "And," and "But," then slap a comma after the word. I started to use it just with certain characters in my book, thinking it would be an interesting character trait (or defect), but what I've noticed is that it often makes them sound like they're quoting Captain Kirk from Star Trek. "You, know, Spock, with a, dramatic pause, after a, couple of, words." So, watch those, commas.

There's also the... ellipsis... which is effective for pauses, but can... put your readers to sleep.

Keep writing, friends.

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