Thursday, May 4, 2017

The Writer in the Park, III...

...forgot to mention earlier that it was blowing cool and breezy that first night when I wandered with Ernie to his home. Amana Heights.
"You ever been to Amana Heights, Stoph?" he asked.
Stoph is short for Stoffel, which is short for Christopher. We had too many Christophers in the family, so I shortened it to Stoffel, then shorter still to Stoph. Started off spelling it Stoff, but it evolved (or devolved) into Stoph.
"No, not that I recall, Ernie. I've never even heard of Amana Heights. Why's it called that?" I asked.
"Refrigerator boxes. That's my name for it because I have two refrigerator boxes. Most other folks around the area only have one. I'm kind of proud of it."
I believe he was.
So, anyway, we left the park, and had a bit of a walk through and industrial section. There was a chain-link fence we had to go through. Looked like a car ripped a gash through it.
"It had," Ernie said, when I asked him about it. "Shoulda seen it. Regular high-speed chase. I got several stories out of that. Made several dollars from those stories next day, writing them from different perspectives."

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Keep writing, friends.

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