Wednesday, May 3, 2017

The Writer in the Park, II...

... "Will you teach me?" I asked. Was there a whiny, plaintive note in my voice? The crowd that had gathered around Ernie left for the day, and he was packing up his gear to head home for the day, wherever home was.
"Your voice had a whiny, plaintive note to it," Ernie noted, Tom Swiftily. "And where did you pick up a question like that? 'Will you teach me?' How many times have you seen Karate Kid?"
"Too many times," I said, "But I think it came from Doctor Strange. Seen it?"
"Yes, I have," Ernie said, as he shook a Marlboro from a wadded cigarette pack. "Light?" he asked.
"No, sorry, man, I don't smoke."
"Okey doke," and he stuck the unlit cigarette in the torn shirt pocket. "And, we won't waste any time with the usual jazz where I make you prove yourself. Yup, I'll teach you. C'mon." And he hopped down from his picnic table perch with surprising dexterity. "Oh, and when you write this story later on, don't say something about me hopping down with surprising dexterity. Find one word to replace two."....

Keep writing, friends.

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