Thursday, May 25, 2017

Supermarket Words

We woke up (Wait... is it more correct to just say woke, without the 'up'? Or should I say we awoke? I'm never sure. Need to look that up. Hmm... up gets used a lot.), and decided to go to Joseph-Beth this morning for breakfast. It's actually Joseph-Beth Booksellers, but that's too long. So we just say Joseph-Beth. Or Jo-Beth.

Anyway, we went there and had a great view of the pond outside, and had an opportunity to see duck social dynamics in action. We watched a mother duck with her eight kids, but the most interesting show was of an awkward threesome. There was a mallard female (we think), her mate (we think), who was a white duck, and an interloper mallard male. From our point-of-view the male mallard kept making improper advances toward the female mallard. The white duck kept chasing off the male mallard, but finally the male and female mallards flew off together to hang out in the motel swimming pool nearby. It was a regular duck soap.

At any rate, we hit the supermarket next. And one of the items we searched for was a jar of capers, which set me thinking (unfortunately). I did not subject Wendy to my runaway train of thought, so I have to release it here. Apologies.

I don't know why the 1960s Batman series never had one of our regular villains plan a heist of a caper shipment.It would have been the Caper Caper. And, of course, Batman and the Boy Wonder and aforementioned super-villains would have capered about in their colorful undies during the fight sequences. Capricious, I know, but there it is.

Also in the store, I spied a jar of Eggplant Appetizer. Apparently, it's something you apply to eggplant. But the word appetizer I've always had trouble with. The definition says it's a first course that's supposed to stimulate your appetite, but all that's happened when I eat an appetizer is that I get full. Then I don't want the meal. Seems to me it's an anti-appetizer. What they should do is not serve an appetizer before a meal to make everyone hungry. That would be a non-appetizer.

Stay tuned for the next post when I'll write about our trip to a bookstore, where we perused the non-books.

Sorry, folks, but I'm feeling much better now.

Keep writing, friends.

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