Sunday, May 7, 2017

Don't Wabi My Sabi

Yep, I like wasabi with my sushi.

Oh, wait, it's not wasabi. It's one of the latest fad phrases to catch hold of us. In our staccato, ADHD world of new terms, wabi-sabi is one of the latest. Originating in Japan, it's the idea that impermanence and imperfection is okey dokey in art. And here all along, I thought that was what art was about, anyway.

Nothing's perfect in art. When you write something, you can always go back and see something that needs changing. In painting, a slip of the hand adds that extra brush stroke. Film? Editing problems. Photography? Too little, too much light.

We latch on to these bright, shiny expressions. Empowerment. When I worked for Long John Silver's in the 90s, that was the big, new word. Just meant giving yourself permission to forge on. Later, it was paradigm shift. That's looking at things differently. And in the writing world within the last few years, it was steampunk. That's just dressing up Jules Verne a little fancier.

Be wary of the Emperor's New Clothes, folks. You can say you're downsizing me, but I know when I've been fired.

Keep writing, friends.


  1. May I focus on the most important element of your short but insightful social commentary? You like wasabi. FREAK!!!

    1. Ah, see, I just applied the principle of imperfection to my affinity for wasabi. So, it's a case of wabi-sabi wasabi. I shall hoist my freak flag proudly.

    2. I suppose it's a wasabi hobby.


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