Saturday, May 6, 2017

And Chaos was His Name-o

Ray Bradbury used to say (at least I think it was him) that whenever he needed a story idea, he looked around his office and picked up some random object, a personal treasure, and that would fire up the story-generator. Okay, Ray, perhaps that worked for you, but for me, I need to minimize the number of objects around me. I have more than enough cluttered chaos floating around in my noggin. Plenty of ideas up here, I just need to focus enough to get them on the laptop, then complete the damn things.

Here's an example: I wrote the above paragraph in my notebook last night. By hand. On paper. And I immediately thought of hitting the Alt key, then F, and S to save what I'd just written. See what I mean? Chaos.

Keep writing chaotically, friends.


  1. Have a Kindle e book I use sometimes. You tap on the right side of the screen to go to the next page. In bed the other night reading a paper book and found myself tapping the right side of the page instead of turning the page.Clark

  2. Yep. What's wrong with this blasted book? Why won't the page turn? :-)


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