Sunday, April 23, 2017

View from the Inside

This week I have to do it. I have to move my desk around so I can look outside. The way I face now is directly at my bookshelves, which is rather uninteresting. Now, since I have decent peripheral vision, my attention is drawn to the right where the TV hangs on the wall. I always see movement out of the corner of my eye. What I should do, of course, is turn off the bleeping thing. But I need something to look at when I'm not looking at my laptop screen. When I'm in thinking mode. So, this week. Turn the desk around so I can see outside.

Yes, I'm rambling. It's been some time, since March 8th, since I've penned a post, and the pipes are rusty. But I'm writing.

It's spring, so stuff is blooming, and there are yellow and green things growing outside. Some white things, too. Don't know what most of them are called. But I want to look at them. Also, we have a monster of a fountain which we've turned into a miniature garden. Keeping watch over the plants are a lamb, a Thai goddess (at least I think she's Thai), a gnome, and a rabbit. Used to have a gargoyle, but he broke. The four remaining watchers are concrete. They don't move much. At least not while I'm watching them. So, I guess I'm watching the watchers.

Keep writing, friends. And try to avoid doing what I did, which is to take too long of a break from writing.

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