Saturday, April 29, 2017

I'm Okay, You're OK...Connery

Think I'll try my hand at writing scripts for Euro-spy knock-off movies. Looks like fun.

I never knew Sean had a brother. For those of you who love Euro-spy flicks, or Bond knock-offs, this is the Pot o’ Gold. And, with tongue placed firmly in cheek, we’ll get started.

I’ve seen this film at least three, perhaps four times, and I love it. Where else could I see Neil, Sean’s younger brother, playing…Neil Connery, the brother of Agent 00… yeah, you know who. And they get lots of mileage out of almost naming Neil’s big brother, and almost saying the ‘7’ in ‘007’. But, wait, the brother of Neil Connery would be Sean Connery, not James Bond, so are they saying that Sean is the super-spy, or Bond? That’s one of the many great things about OK. Ya just never know which universe they’re in. Is the actor the spy or the character the actor plays, or...? My brain hurts.

While we’re looking into OK Connery’s (aka Operation Kid Brother, or Operation Double 007) uber-alternate take on spy-guy stuff, this Italian Bond riff uses several of the James Bond actors in roles that are kinda sorta like the ones in the Sean Connery Bond films. In OK, we get to see Lois Maxwell (we know her as Miss Moneypenny), play Max, a field operative in MI6 (if it’s MI6 – I don’t recall them ever saying for certain). Haven’t you always wanted to see Moneypenny out there packin’ a machine gun, blazin' away? I know I have. Italian actor Adolfo Celi (Largo in Thunderball) remained a bad guy, playing Mr. Thai, also known as Beta, in OK. Bernard Lee (‘M’ from the Bond films) gets a full name--or at least a last name--in OK. Now he’s Commander Cunningham. Anthony Dawson, Professor Dent, in Dr. No, plays Alpha, the head of Thanatos, in OK. Thanatos is the Spectre of OK.  According to IMDb, Mr. Dawson played Blofeld, the cat-friendly mastermind in From Russia with Love and Thunderball, although in Russia he’s listed as (?), and in Thunderball he’s uncredited. Hmm, a true man of mystery.

Keep writing, friends.

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