Tuesday, January 3, 2017

Orryvoyer, King Arthur

Or, in other words, au revoir. So says the little hedgehog to King Arthur on the eve of the last battle in "The Book of Merlyn", the final chapter of the Arthurian saga by T. H. White.

There is an excitement, also a sense of loss, anticipating the end of a book, whether it be a book we read or a book we write. I experienced both as I neared the completion of my manuscript (which I hopefully will complete edits on soon). I also experienced those same feelings as I neared the end of "The Book of Merlyn". And so, we stall, we delay, nearing the end.

I just finished reading the book last night, feeling both happy and sad; and frightened and courageous. Reading "The Sword in the Stone", then "The Once and Future King", and finally "The Book of Merlyn" was one of those rare events where I completely slipped into Arthur's world. I watched him go from the young Wart to the full embodiment of England. So I wish to take this opportunity to thank and salute Mr. T. H. White for taking me along on this grand adventure. I say goodbye to Mr. White, and Arthur, Guenever, Lance, and King Pellinore; the animals that Arthur spent time with and learned from; and even poor, confused Mordred. The wonderful thing about this tale is that I carry all of them with me now. And whenever I wish to visit them again, I have only to open a book.

And, as without readers there would be no need for writers, I say...

Keep writing, friends. And reading.

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