Wednesday, January 25, 2017

Little Ol' Martian Potato Farmer Me

I've been reading Andy Weir's book "The Martian", and am a little over halfway through. I've been reading a lot more lately during the winter, willingly giving up a lot of TV for the pleasure of a good book. Let's see, starting back in October or a little earlier, I read "The Sword in the Stone", wonderful book about the young King Arthur before he was a king Next came "The Once and Future King". I was a true Arthurian junkie at this point. Then I had to read "The Book of Merlyn", because Mr. White really left me hanging at the end of "The Once and Future King".

Read Ian Fleming's "Chitty Chitty Bang Bang" next. Yes, Mr. "Kiss Kiss Bang Bang" wrote a smashing good children's book. Then, since I was apparently on a British kick, I read "Mary Poppins". Got to say, I like the movie version a little better. Mary was just plain mean in the book.

So, back to "The Martian". Written in first-person style, this is a rockin' good read. This is Mr. Weir's first novel and I look forward to what else might come from his pen. He starts right off, Bang!, into the action, and it had to be told first-person. I like the character of Mark Watney. He's tough, with a good sense of humor, sometimes a gallows sense of humor, that really helps him survive.

One thing I've noticed that I like, is that as Mark goes through his day-to-day survival, his log entries subtly show how he's becoming more and more of a Martian. Oh, I don't mean he's turning green with tentacles and a third eye. Actually, the correct term would be colonist. He's becoming a colonist. When he goes on missions away from the Hab (where he lives) that last for several sols (Martian days), he says sols instead of days with a comfortable familiarity. Like when we would say, "So many days ago, I...", Mark would say, "So many sols ago, I..." All very casual.

And, when he's been on one of his outings, he talks about being glad to get home. Not home as on Earth, but home as in his Hab. It's becoming home to him.

Yep, I'm looking forward to more work from Mr. Andy Weir. A tip o' th' astronaut helmet to him for making this read feel natural. Now, I have to finish reading it so I can get Mark home, uh, back to Earth...

Keep writing, friends.

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