Friday, October 21, 2016

You Can't Get There From Here

Continued from my previous posts...

I figured by this time that we were heading into deeper waters...or time...or space, so I thought I'd go ahead and ask. Wendy knew what I was thinking and nudged me with an elbow to go ahead and ask the lady behind the counter at Cindy's, who said her name was not Cindy, but Pam.

So, I went ahead and asked. "Uh, you mentioned 65 North. Is that the interstate?"

She smiled as though I was a bit simple, which at this point, I felt I must be. "No interstates around here yet. They've been talking about building one sometime in the future, though."

"Oh, right, I knew that." She smiled again and turned back to finish wiping down the counter.

Once back in the car, Wendy said, "Where do you think we are, Tom? She had to be kidding about us being in Missouri."

"I'm not so sure, Wen. I'm thinking we're on a side-trip of some sort. At any rate, it's an adventure. You up for it?"

"Me? She looked at me and smiled slyly. "Always."

Well, we headed down the road a ways, but we decided to take a jog and head east on highway H instead of west, just to see what would happen. Sun was getting low in the sky, and the road was starting to look familiar, though I couldn't say exactly why. I knew that we'd probably need to stop someplace for the night. That's when we saw it at about the same time.

"Honey, look," Wendy said. "It's a sign for the Kentucky Reptile Garden you told me about. Looks like it's just a couple of miles ahead, too."

"Yeah, how about that. But that place shut down ages ago, I though."

"Well, it looks pretty lively now."

Sure enough, we pulled up to a wood-frame building with several large glass cages on stands out front, and a fenced-in area with a rusted metal sign hanging haphazardly that said, in bold red letters, "This way to the 'gator pit."

We pulled up into the gravel lot and stepped out. "How about this? I said. "Like a true blast from the past."

Keep writing, friends.

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