Tuesday, October 25, 2016

Thyme to Write!

Did I have anything in mind when I sat down to write this post? Nope. And did I have any hidden meaning behind my title's play on words? Not at all. What I'm doing, as much as myself as for my writerly and non-writerly friends is the writing process in action.

It's 11 AM and I've just now sat down at the keyboard. I had intended to get started pounding the keys earlier, but there's a Halloween party to get ready for, cats to feed, and generally just some meandering around a bit. So, I'm trying to get myself ready to finish my edits on The Novel. I'm close, nearing the end, but sometimes it's like that scene in the horror films where our protagonist runs toward a destination which, in their eyes keeps receding from view.

But this is what we do as writers--we meander, procrastinate, and write other stuff in order to jump-start the gray matter. And one of my tricks I use is word play. Like replacing 'time' with 'thyme' in my title. I find it helps bust the left-hemisphere hold and lets the more playful right-hemisphere have some elbow room.

The important thing for all of us writers is to keep the juices flowing. I've learned that if I get in a writing funk, I have to keep penning something, even if it's to say "My writing sucks." I can't let more than a couple of days go by where I'm not writing, otherwise word clots form. So, I have journals scattered about through the house to scribble in. I make vague attempts at some sort of order in there, page numbers, headings, that sort of thing, but the important thing is just to write.

I'm going to paraphrase something (really badly) that I'd read a while back about one of my heroes, Ray Bradbury. He was giving a talk to a bunch of student writers when someone asked him how he got in the mood to write. His response? Something to the effect of "Just start writing. That will take care of any moods you're having."

And, on that note, off I go to my edits. And off you go to work on yore own stuff, too.

Keep writing, friends.

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