Sunday, September 18, 2016

Where the Hekawi?

A room with a view

Did it again today. I forgot we slipped across the border into Maine. Sure does look like New Hampshire.

Ate a late lunch/early supper yesterday (September 17th) at the Salt Marsh Clam Shack. Fantastic lobster rolls and fries. Located on US-1, it was just down the street from our motel, a Microtel, we hit it again this morning. Breakfast was decent, the best thing being the sweet potato hash, a delicious medley of stuff with a little bit of heat in there.
And breakfast, too. Lobster bennie, anyone?

Our mission today, which we chose to accept: make our way (me as navigator, Wendy as driver--I go back and forth between map and GPS. Sometimes I just have to go electronic.) through Portsmouth, NH to take a boat tour with the Isles of Shoals Steamship Company (although I think our boat was diesel) over to Star Island, one of the islands among the Isles of Shoals, right off New Hampshire's coast. This is where Wendy's Currier ancestors first settled, on this little island. A Jeffrey Currier was born on the island back in 1635. The picture at the top of my post is of the Oceanic House. Once upon a time, creatives such as Nathaniel Hawthorne and Childe Hassam stayed on the island, perhaps penning away at their next works.

Afterwards our tour, we hightailed it out of Portsmouth, as it's a little busier than we care for. So, once again, Wendy at the wheel, me as Sulu (or Chekov, I forget who did the steering), we headed down I-95, making our escape, then it was back on some two-laners, including sections of 111 and 101A. Sadly, we had to eat at MacAttack tonight, as it's Sunday, and our beloved diners either weren't nearby or were closed for the evening. Found this great little inn in Peterborough, NH, for the night, however, called the Jack Daniels Motor Inn.

Tomorrow, we plan on breakfast at the Peterborough Diner, aptly named enough.

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Keep writing, friends.

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