Friday, September 16, 2016

Wait! You Mean We're Not in Vermont? Sure Looks Like Vermont

Gonna need to backtrack a little here. At the moment we're sitting in our room at the Governor's Inn & Restaurant in Rochester, New Hampshire, not to be confused with Rochester, New York. We're just a few miles from the New Hampshire coast--and yes, New Hampshire does have a coast, just not a long stretch of one. Destination tomorrow? Portsmouth. No, not Maine or Oregon, but New Hampshire.

New Hampshire can be a confusing state, as we discovered this morning when we woke up and discovered we weren't staying a hotel in Lebanon, Vermont, but rather Lebanon, New Hampshire. So, we'll just wander around until we run into water, or the border patrol, then make our way back home.

We've still been meandering the two-lane roads, avoiding as much as possible the interstates. Lebanon, New Hampshire (not Vermont) has been our biggest city so far, and we made a quick exit this morning after breakfast at the Four Aces Diner, just a perfect local spot, packed full of great cooking aromas, fun stuff on the walls, and terrific food. Here's a photo of me, a little too hungry, waiting for some flapjacks.

They said I looked a bit thin, so they brought me extras. Actually, I had some of their homemade cinnamon raisin toast, eggs, bangers, and Tater Tots. Finally, a place that served Tater Tots. Oh, and here's Wendy checking out the Magic 8 Ball at the table to see if that would last me until lunchtime.

After some of the best coffee I've had so far, we headed east wandering around on highway 4, 11, and a gravel road or two, toward our lunch stop for the day, the Miss Wakefield Diner in Wakefield, New Hampshire.

Forgot to mention that we found a couple of cool old cemeteries, one with a lot of Curriers, but possibly not from Wendy's branch. More research will determine that.

Our lunch stop, for a grilled cheese sandwich with tomato, was at the Miss Wakefield Diner. There was a giant moose out front, but no moose burgers. Wendy had a hot dog with a bowl of chicken noodle soup. It apparently was as good as my food was. We're finding out that if we hit several diners in a day, we can't eat full meals. But sometimes we certainly are tempted.
Oh, yes, I still need to get back to the Country Club motel from two nights ago. That was when we were wandering through the Adirondacks. Here's a photo of our motel, a beautiful little place that was perfect, complete with deer in the yard the next morning. No moose, though.

Okay, tomorrow, I promise, I'll connect the dots and get you folks connected from Old Forge, New York, where our Country Club motel was, up to where we grazed the Canadian border, then ran down through Burlington, Vermont.

That's all for now.

Keep writing, friends.

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