Monday, September 19, 2016

There's a Bookstore All the Way Out Here?

Pulling in for breakfast at the Peterborough Diner
Inside the Peterborough, where the magic happens
We woke up this morning in need of coffee and headed for the Peterborough Diner, another classic dining car diner from the 50s. Here's a link to their site:

Of course, we did the tourist thing of taking lots of smartphone photos of the outside, the inside, and the required shots of us drinking coffee. Once again, good diner breakfast. We've learned not to order too large of a breakfast as these diners are dotted all over New Hampshire and Vermont, can't fill up too much first thing or there won't be room later on for burgers, reubens, or whatever specialty they serve up.

Breakfast was good at the Peterborough, with the best being the home fries. They had some spice on there that made them a little interesting.

Charley, our host at the Jack Daniels Motor Inn (where we stayed last night), told us about another diner, dang him, on the way to our next stop. Problem was it was only a few minutes away, so all we could have was coffee. This was the Hometown Diner in Rindge, NH, along Hwy 202.
Great cup of Joe at the Hometown

Scooting along NH-119, we found a cool bookstore full of all kinds of treasures, called Bequeart Old Books, in Fitzwilliam, NH. Oh, yes, and we dropped a dollar or two in there. Couldn't pass it up.
Okay, I'll go in and look, but I won't buy anything

Yeah, right
Needless to say, we walked out with two armloads of books.

Along the way to our rest stop tonight in Putney, VT (I think it's Vermont), we ran up highway 10 chasing down covered  bridges. They stayed put, so we had no trouble tracking them. Here's one:
It's safe to drive across, right?
That's it for the evening. More tomorrow along the road as we head toward Miss Bellows Falls and the Blue Benn Diner.

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  1. Any of the diners serving fried mush with maple syrup? That'll stick with ya all day.
    If you're going near Quabbin Reservoir in western Massa2sitz that where my mothers family lived before it all was flooded in the 1920s.Clark aka anonymous

  2. Sorry, man, I missed your comment. I don't recall any fried mush. They did have French Fries with brown gravy, though. We never made it to Massy, spent most of our time in Vermont, New Hampshire, or New York, with a quick dash to Maine, around York, York Harbor, and York Beach.


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