Tuesday, September 27, 2016

The Virtual Traveler: A Time Out of Step

Uh, this isn't where we're supposed to be
In keeping with my afterthoughty-type thoughts upon our return from our trip, refer to this post first:


Simple, oh so simple to slip sideways in space and/or time. We were heading towards Georgetown, KY on New Circle Road (some call it Circle 4), it the sun was just coming up, as I looked out my window (Wendy was driving), and we hit a little road construction. Nothing unusual about that. The road crews aren't happy around here unless they're constructing, although it occasionally requires a wee bit of deconstruction prior to or even during the construction.

About a half mile before the Georgetown Road exit (Exit 8, I believe), the sun seemed to shift in the sky slightly, and Wendy asked, "Uh, honey, have they added a new exit to New Circle?" I looked and saw what I figured was a brand new exit for Georgetown, with no exit number. All it said was "To Georgetown". I figured it must be a new way to get there, so I said, "Not that I'm aware of, but let's take it anyway. Says it goes to Georgetown."

We were in an adventurous mood that day, glanced at me, smiled, and said, "Sounds good. Let's see what happens."

Beautiful thing about it was there was no traffic. Once we took the exit and turned on the main road, also marked "To Georgetown", there was no one. No one begging for handouts at the exit, no other cars. Just an old store that said "Cindy's".

That's all for now. The adventure shall continue later...

Keep writing, friends.

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