Wednesday, September 21, 2016

Sure, Blue Sinks Match With Knotty Pine

I can't explain it, but I've always had this thing about the old knotty pine look. Makes me nostalgic, I think. So, it was perfect that last night we found lodging at the Red Ranch Motel in Catskill, NY, right on the edge of the Catskills.

It was starting to get late last night, and we were heading into the Catskills when I wondered whether or not we'd find a place for the evening. I happened to see a sign for the Red Ranch, noticed it had the AAA good hostelling seal of approval, so we decided to check it out. Good thing we did. It was perfect in a kitschy way.

It was quiet, with signs outside the doors that said to hold the noise down after 10 PM. I like seeing signs like that, especially in strip motels. We walked in the room and were greeted by knotty pine walls, fake stone walls, and cream-blue sinks. Made me think back to days when I went on vacation with my folks--I always had to bug my dad for a quarter for the "Magic Fingers" bed. Don't know if any of the old motels still have those.

One of the best things about the Red Ranch was that it was next door to Angela's Italian Bistro & Brewery. That meant once we unloaded our stuff in our room, we could walk over and have a good meal. No more driving for the day. Wendy had the angel hair pasta with meatballs, and I had the small calzone, which turned out to be the size of a football. Glad I didn't order the large.

Didja notice the part about Angela's being a brewery? Yep. Wendy had a Kiskatom Brown Ale, a nut brown ale with a hint of walnuts. I had the Bare Knuckle Black Lager, mainly because I liked the name. Good and potent.

Time to shut down for the night. More tomorrow.

Keep writing, friends.


  1. Love hearing about your travels. Thanks for posting.

  2. Thanks, man. It was a great trip. We saw a lot of interesting stuff. That Sinclair station was a treat.


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