Friday, September 23, 2016

Someplace and Back Again, or The Well-Worn Map

How'd we end up in Maine?

I didn't want to infringe on Mr. Tolkien, so I changed the post title slightly. Also, it captures some of the karma of our trip. We laugh about how sometimes we had no idea what state we were in. Who knew we could zip across Vermont so quickly?

Made it back home around 10 last night. Wendy did most of the driving, me as Chekov or Sulu (still don't remember which was navigator). We made a good team that way. Well, except for the time a couple of days ago when I got us a tad bit bewildered (we weren't lost) somewhere in the Catskills. I had us zigging when we should've zagged, but oh, well, with the aid of a nice fellow in a truck we found our way back to highway 55.

These next couple of posts will be recaps and recollections of our journey, and I'll try really hard not to bore you folks. It might not be sequential (gasp!), but I'll try to tie location to date so you have an idea of where we were when, and hopefully that will tell you our weird, wonderful, and winding route.

It was a little strange yesterday coming home through Ohio after spending over a week in the mountains and forests of New York, Vermont, and New Hampshire, especially as we wanted to make it back home last night. Funny thing. Once a trip is over, you know it, and it's time to get home. Plus, we wanted to get back to our home, our stuff, and our babies (Barley and Guinness). We had missed them.

We did get to have breakfast yesterday morning before lighting out at a great local restaurant called Phil & Cindy's in Falconer, NY. The geotag on my photo says it's Jamestown, NY, but I don't think that's correct. Also, their sign says lunch, but they do a whopping fantastic breakfast, too, opening, I believe, at 5:30 AM. Good, standard diner food, and some of the friendliest folks working in the place we've met. We've met a lot of nice folks along the way, but the ladies in Phil & Cindy's were interested in our trip, and were just wonderful.

More later.

Keep writing, friends.

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