Saturday, September 17, 2016

I'm Not Kay, I'm Pam

Okey dokey. I said I was gonna connect the dots some today, so here we go. Kay's Place Restaurant, that was our breakfast stop on September 14th this week. I don't remember now if that's where I had the buckwheat pancakes or not, but I remember it was a terrific breakfast.

Actually, our whole trip has been full of fantastic breakfasts, and I'm definitely full of them.

First, I must add that I have a new skill to add to my resume, if I were so inclined to do a resume. Which I'm not. I can handle a motel room coffee maker with the best of them. You just need to make sure that you get the little coffee filter thingy squished well inside the container, otherwise coffee goes everywhere. Trust me, I know about these things. Here's a picture of a properly-inserted coffee filter thingy.
Anyway, back to Kay's Place. We asked our server if she was Kay, but no, she said, she was Pam. Don't know where Kay was.

After breakfast at Kay's, we back on I-90 to make some time as we wanted to get to Vermont by nightfall. We found out, though, that we couldn't do that, as New York is a whopping big state, and it doesn't look like New York City.

First, though, we had a thin slice of Pennsylvania to run through, still on I-90, which turned out to be a nice bit of road. Not too much traffic as we ran along the outskirts of Erie, Pennsylvania.

We got off on 20A, I believe it was, before Buffalo, New York, and headed east across the state, stopping off for lunch at the Old Erie restaurant in Weedsport. The town looked a bit dismal, but the Old Erie served a good haddock sandwich.

The rest of the day we alternated between two lane roads and I-90, grazing Syracuse, and entering the Adirondacks in the afternoon. Deer country. And turkeys in the road. Not the people kind, the bird kind.

Tomorrow I'll fill you in on the Keyes Pancake House in Old Forge, New York, where Wendy and I ate breakfast on the 15th, right in the middle of the Adirondacks.

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Keep writing, friends.

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