Tuesday, September 20, 2016

I Don't Know What an Egg Creme is, But I'll Have to Try It

They're altogether ooky
That's part of the fun of a diner tour like this one--trying different local specialties. Like a chocolate egg creme drink at our last diner for the day. What the heck is that, you may ask. Well, it has egg in it (as far as I know, because in my exuberance to order it, I forgot to ask about all the ingredients), chocolate flavoring, and kind of a fizzy aspect to it.

Okay, ignore some of what I just said. No egg creme in the egg creme recipe I just now looked up online. It's milk, carbonated water (hence the fizz I detected), chocolate syrup, and milk. How can it be called an egg creme without egg or creme (or cream)? Oh, well, moving on. So, just so you folks know. When you order an egg creme, no egg, no creme.

Awoke this morning in our room at The Putney Inn, in Putney, VT. I checked. We definitely started off the day in Vermont. Comfortable, relatively inexpensive place to stay (under 100 bucks) for the area, and quite. Almost disturbingly quiet. There were only two other cars in the parking lot this morning. But it turned out to be a nice place. Just not a high-traffic area.

We ran up to Bellows Falls, Vermont (Google Maps says it's an incorporated village in the town of Rockingham, Vermont--that's too much for me, so I just say we went to Bellows Falls), for breakfast, at Miss Bellows Falls. Like salmon returning home, that was one of the diners Wendy and I went to on our first Vermont trip back a few years ago, so we had to go there. Old classic diner, but it needs a little repair. The sign as I remember it (with my unreliable memory) was brighter. Now the name's faded. The food's still good, though. French toast and coffee, then time to hit the road.

A few pics of Miss Bellows Falls:

Before I continue, got to mention something the photo at the top of my post. A good friend of mine posted a pic of this old place on Facebook, and said we needed to check it out.

So we did.

This is an old inn in Bennington, VT, called the Walloomsac Inn. This pic is how it appears as of today. One person lives in there presently, and he (or she) won't let the city of Bennington paint the place for free, or let one of the original owners' descendants purchase it. It's hard to see from any angle as trees have grown up around it. Built in 1771, I believe, Thomas Jefferson and James Madison stayed in it in its heyday. You can't get in to see it, but we took pics from the street. When you get close enough to see it, it just looks like a rundown old inn, not like a cool Addams family house. Still neat to see, though. I'll have more info as I turn it up.

Think I better cut this post short and continue with more stuff in another post. Don't want to give everyone info-load.

Keep writing, friends.

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