Thursday, September 15, 2016

Diners, Deer, But No Moose

Didn't see Kay, but we saw Pam
 Honey, everyone else is doing the sortie thing. Shouldn't we sortie now? More on that later.
Picking up from where I left off yesterday. The days run together now with the miles. After we slipped through the gravitational fields of Akron and Cleveland, we found lodging at a Hampton Inn along I-90. That evening we found a great local pizza place called Capps Pizza near our hotel. Got a helluva good deal on two small veggie pizzas for 12.99. That never happens anywhere, not for that price. There were at least six kinds of veggies on those beasts, including banana peppers. I love banana peppers.

So, where was I? Problem with a running travel diary like this is we're looking around at stuff and talking about it, but not writing it down at the time. Until now. So, back to Kay's. Great place for breakfast--eggs, hash browns, rye toast, and terrific Vermont coffee. I guess Vermont spreads their coffee around, and they should. Pancakes were good at Kay's, too, with pure maple syrup. Not sure if it was from Vermont, though.

The rest of Wednesday we skipped along the edge of Lake Erie, which didn't take too long. Just about a two hour, at most, stretch of Pennsylvania to go through before we entered New York, with our plan, once again, to miss bigger cities, like Buffalo. We skipped east along some two-laners after crossing the New York border, but grew tired of some of the 45 mph limits, so we hopped back on I-90 to make some time. Our next destination? The Adirondacks.

Have I mentioned that New York is a big state? Well, it's a big state. And the good thing is, there's a lot of beautiful country to see, none of which looks at all like NYC. Not that I have anything against NYC, it's just that this trip is for smaller cities.

We knew it'd be some time before we escaped into the Adirondacks, so we grabbed a quick lunch at Old Erie, a local restaurant in Weedsport, NY. Great broiled haddock there. The town looked as though it'd seen better days, but the lunch was great.

Stay tuned tomorrow when I tell you about the Country Club motel, an immaculate, simple little strip motel that dates back at least to the 1950s, and our drive up north to spitting distance of Canada. Didn't have our passports, so we headed to Vermont.

Keep writing, friends.


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