Sunday, September 25, 2016

Afterthoughts Before the Next Adventure

Did my smartphone steal my old camera's soul? Nah, the T70 is powerful in the Film.
Back home again, and getting back to our routines, sorting through photos, and preparing for whatever comes next.

A few comments about using a smartphone for photography: it's generally easy, as easy as using my old CanonT70 that I purchased a couple of years ago (okay, more than a couple of years...); it's fairly quick, as long as I don't fat-finger the touch-screen controls; it's cheaper than using my old T70--I took almost 400 photos on this trip, some of them duplicates, of course; I can review some of the shots I just took and delete the Oopses, i.e., shots of my thumb, the ground, my feet, or the horrible selfies when I didn't realize I was taking a selfie.

All that being said, it makes me want to pull out the old T70 and get her cleaned up, load her up with film, and have fun. I miss the days of setting aperture and exposure, and focusing. And yes, if I took 400 shots with my T70, it would cost a small fortune. But there's one thing in particular I miss about it. I had a camera strap on the beastie. So, even though the sucker was heavy and banged against me when I climbed over stuff, or huffed and puffed up a hill, it left my hands free. With the smartphone I either carried it in my hand or had to dig it out of a pocket. Then I had to swipe across the screen to get it fired up.

Perhaps next trip I'll pack both cameras. Just have to make sure the one is charged and the other has film.

At any rate, I'm wondering where we'll head off to next. One thing I learned is that it's easy to write when you're traveling. New stuff to see, think about, do. And I had so much fun with it that, I'm thinking about continuing my travel writing on my blog, at least occasionally, with some virtual trips.

What I'm thinking is this: using home base as my starting point, I may pen some posts where I travel to other places, both real and imaginary, all from the comfort and safety of my desk. I'll give it a shot and see how it goes. So, if you read about me journeying to Everest, or Mars, or the ocean depths, or perhaps back in time along old Route 66, that's what I'm doing.

Keep writing, friends.

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