Thursday, August 18, 2016

Who Turned Off the Tap?

Yep, there are days when you go to the well and it's dry. The words just won't flow. So, you (meaning me) sit down and start typing anything. Anything at all. Like this post. Okay, still nothing.

Oh, wait. Movies. I can always write about them. But they don't have anything to do with writing, do they? Why, sure they do. You've seem me stretch to make that point before. Which leads me to...the most recent Trek movie, Star Trek Beyond.

This is the best of the three newest Trek films, with the all-new cast. The actors are wearing their roles as the Enterprise crew like a pair of Duluth work gloves. Whether individually or together in a scene, they know who their characters are and what they would do in a given situation. Direction, acting, and writing all fit together to make this film a cohesive whole, and to give us a Trek story in the classic sense--plenty of action, a bit of angst, and some dashes of humor.

Did I mention action? Yep, this one wastes no time, as any good story should, with getting into some serious shit. And it does what Stephen King says to do, which is to take characters you  give a hang about, shake them up, then toss them into the fray. And, like Gene Roddenberry said oh so many light years ago (and I'm paraphrasing here), Star Trek is about people. They just work in space.

The thrust of this one asks the question, "Who am I?" Kirk, Spock, and our villain are all lost. Not lost in a physical sense, but spiritual. Emotional. They don't know who they are, and they'll spend the rest of the movie sorting that out.

Directing, acting, writing all came together on this one. This is one I'd pay good money to see at an IMAX theater.

Keep writing, friends.

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