Sunday, August 28, 2016

When is Bad Writing Good Writing?

After our Sharknado-fest yesterday, got interested in what a group of sharks is called. And no, I'm not going for the tired old lawyer or politician jokes. No, it's called either a gam, herd, frenzy, school, frenzy, or shiver. Naturally, the first thing I wonder is, "Couldn't they just agree on one name for a group of the beasties?" Myself, if I was in the water and saw a batch of them, a shiver seems the perfect description.

But I didn't stop in here today to pick nits about name-calling. After watching the three 'Nado flicks yesterday (There's a fourth one available on DVD, but I don't own that one yet--but I will.) we joked about the awful writing and acting for the shark-infested movies. But was it really? First question we have to ask ourselves is, "Were we entertained?" And the answer is, "Hell, yes!"

So, it gets back to the age-old problem of, okay, this movie, book, TV show, or whatever is a top-notch, well-crafted work, but did I get my money's worth? If the answer is no, then perhaps it wasn't so well-written after all.

Just something to consider.

Keep writing, friends.


  1. If book, TV show, or movie is well-crafted enough to be entertaining, then in my view it has achieved its purpose. It may not be destined to become a classic, but if it gets me to buy in and doesn't jolt me out of my suspended disbelief, it's worth the time spent to watch/read it.

    1. Excellently said. I've read and finished, or read and tossed aside several so-called classics. Some I've enjoyed, some not at all. But if my latest issue of "All-Star Batman" tells me a great story and holds my interest, well then, The Bat has done his job well.

  2. In re: the Sharknado series: It's not just sarcasm that bites. Farce finally gets the mouthful of respect it deserves.

    1. Absolutely, Robert. I could say that it was a farcenado...but I won't say it.


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