Tuesday, August 16, 2016

We Don't Need No Stinkin' Editing

Wendy and I have been thinning out some possessions at home recently in an effort, basically, to find things. We have become frustrated with clutter, and the inability to easily lay our hands on items we really need. And along the way, we've found ourselves saying, "Huh! I didn't know I still had this."

Sometimes, though, we'll say, "Huh! Wonder why the hell I kept this." And at other times it's "Huh! Wonder what the hell thing is and where it came from." At which point we'll carry said curiosity to the other partner in crime and ask, "Honey, any idea what this is?" Usually, the partner will stare at it and respond with, "No idea," which begins a running dialogue of questions such as, "Think so-and-so gave it to us?" and so forth.

Writing is much the same way, and it makes no difference the length of whatever it is we're working on. After completing a piece and giving it an appropriate cool-down time, we're likely to read it over later, at which point many similar questions as the above will arise. Questions such as, "I didn't know I left that word/sentence/paragraph in there," or "Huh! Why the hell did I write it this way?" or just generally, "Huh! Aliens must have taken over my brain at that point while I was writing...yep...aliens, definitely...aliens who didn't know a lick of English or any other human language, for that matter."

And that's why we edit.

Now, what I should have done is edit the above post. But that's never stopped me before. And don't let it stop you from writing, either.

Keep writing, friends.


  1. so you're sorting thru hell things? sounds scary.Clark

    1. Haven't decided what to do with Cthulhu yet, though. He eats too much.


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