Monday, August 1, 2016

Accidental Mistakes and Torrential Downpours

Amazing the things you can learn (or unlearn) by turning on the TV. Within a span of about ten minutes, I heard both of the terms in my post's title.

The announcer of a new-fangled weed whackin' thingy said something about this model preventing "...accidental mistakes...", and proceeded to demonstrate how the device did indeed prevent mistakes, accidental or otherwise.

Returning to one of my favorite sources once again (what's the difference between 'once again' and just plain again? Figured since we're going for overkill words, I'd toss in a quite a few of my own), Mr. Merriam and Mr. Webster, accident is defined as "an event that is not planned or intended : an event that occurs by chance," and a mistake, paraphrased, means " understand or identify something incorrectly." Generally, mistakes are accidental, so... The announcer must have made an accidental mistake by saying, "...accidental mistake".

Likewise, one of the weather stations reference to a torrential downpour must have been an accidental mistake, too, as the downpours I've experienced were already torrential enough without the need of making them any more torrential.

Aren't adjectives fun?

Keep writing, friends.

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