Saturday, June 25, 2016

I Have No Idea What This is or Why it Was Made

I'm confused. And whereas I'm not at a complete loss of words, I've "...puzzled and puzzled 'til my puzzler was sore...", as the Grinch would say. Or did say, oh so many years ago.

While this post is a tad bit outside the area I normally write about, which is writing, I'm stretching the point as I consider how best to describe a visit my wife and I, along with two friends of ours, made this evening to a store called "at home". The 'a' and the 'h' in at home were not capitalized, best I remember.

I don't fully know how to describe some of the stuff for sale in there, and as a writer that does puzzle me, but I took it as my sacred duty to give it a go. There was, for instance, an orange footstool, or plant stand, or dust collector, that was made of a hard ceramic material--but it was made to appear soft, as though it was made from vinyl cushions. But it was in truth hard, though it was made to appear soft... We finally had to walk away from it.

Then there were the books that weren't books at all, they just looked like books, complete with titles. I don't know if they opened or not. I just set them back on the shelf and walked on.

We saw many items that we couldn't readily understand what they had been made for--silver things that looked like a cross between an old-fashioned electric shaver and a Venus Flytrap; items made from feathers that weren't feathers; and other objects that were obviously designed to hang from the ceiling, but we had no idea why.

The crowning thingamabob was a toilet paper holder--but not just any toilet paper holder. No sirree. This was a porcelain, or resin, or plaster figure of a guy with a toilet bowl plunger on his head, the finger of one had was in his nose, his other hand held the toilet paper, and his pants were down.

If I ever have writer's block again, I'll just return to this store.

Keep writing, friends.


  1. LOL, my sister loves those stores. :)

    1. Oh, they're fun to go to. It's cheap entertainment and they give me plenty to write about. :-)


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