Friday, May 27, 2016

Movin' On

No, I'm not shutting down my blog. I'm referring to leaving behind one phase of my life, heading to another, as in retirement. I've always been intrigued by words, as you folks know, and now that I'm going to retire, or be retired, in the passive sense, I figured what better time to take a look at that word.

Some folks it may cause fear or panic, others exhilaration. I fit the exhilaration category, as I've been wanting to pursue other interests for a long time, especially my writing, traveling with my wife, and researching our genealogy. but let's take a look at one of my favorite research tools, Roget's Thesaurus.

Here are a few synonyms for 'retire':

Depart, go, pull out, relinquish, remove, retreat, separate, surrender, withdraw, decamp, hand over, and stop working.

As we know, words have meaning, but also each word has its own emotional color. From the above words, I don't see myself as retreating, surrendering, or relinquishing. I definitely will not stop working, as I always want to work at something--it just won't be in my soon-to-be former occupation. I'll depart, pull out, or go, and I will hand over the reins to whosoever wants them; I will not withdraw, but I will separate myself from my former career. Best word of all from the list is decamp, as in it's time to decamp and set up shop elsewhere, doing something completely different.

You'll probably be seeing more of my on my blog, and as always...

Keep writing, friends.


  1. Congratulations on your retirement!

    1. Thanks, man. I just leave at the end of the day with my coffee cup in my hand, and that's it. :-)


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