Wednesday, May 18, 2016

I'll Commence to Start at the Beginning

I can start a conversation. I can also start my car. I was lying in bed in that twilight world between sleep and awake when I began thinking about how many different words there might be that mean 'start'.

Turning to the ol' Dino-Thesaurus, at least the online version at, there are 31 synonyms for 'start', including everything from 'alpha' to 'flying start'. That's a heckuva lot of choices for when a character in your books wants to 'open' a business.

Now, here's the interesting thing--one of the synonyms is 'opening', but they don't have 'open'. They do have, however, 'exit', which seems more like an antonym.

Point to consider: not all words are equal. Choose them well. See how they sound, how they feel, when you put them on the page or the computer screen.

More amazing tidbits here:

Adios, so long, see ya.

Keep writing, friends.

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