Wednesday, April 6, 2016

Let's See What's Out There

As writers, and really, a lot of us creatives in general know, we work alone mostly. Occasionally, we'll collaborate, but for the most part, our craft requires a lot of alone time. So, we may feel isolated at times, unaware of what our brother and sister creatives are up to. Well, I thought I'd poke around in my bookmarked writing sites just to see what's happening here in Kentucky, where I live. I'll take a look around outside of my state soon, but I thought I'd get started here. Here's a sampling:

"Kentucky Literary Newsletter" is an online publication that lists several bookstores around the state, various literary publications, and writers' groups. Check them out at:

I've checked out a few of their links. Here are some I've looked at:

new madrid journal of contemporary literature --

The Louisville Review --

Appalachian Heritage --

There were other sites listed, but they didn't seem to be up and running when I clicked on the links.

Here's a link called WriteByNight, a list of Kentucky writers' resources -- A few of the links I clicked on are:

Kentucky Author Forum at, but it appears to be a little high-powered for us regular folks.

Kentucky State Poetry Society at

Kentucky Outdoor Press Association -- Kentucky's oldest writing association deals with anything to do with the outdoors in our state.

Louisville Romance Writers --

Here's one from my former home town of Owensboro, the Owensboro Writers Group --

Kentucky Writers' Day at

Poezia Writing Groups --

Eagle Creek Writers Group --

This is just a random sampling. I know there are others out there, and as I find more, I'll list them. We can be a solitary bunch, us writers, and we need to hear other voices at times.

Keep writing, friends.

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