Monday, March 28, 2016

Oh My God, I've Ruined Poe!

Ever wonder (on one of your better writing days) if you write like a famous author, either dead or alive? Sometimes I say I write like Dr. Seuss, but then, he's dead...

At any rate, you can see if your pennings ring of Edward Bulwer-Lytton ("It was a dark and stormy night.") or H. P. Lovecraft or Mary Shelley or James Thurber. There's a fun little web site called I Write Like where you copy and paste your text, and it does all kinds of fancy computerized comparisons, then matches your musings with an author. Here's the link:

When I punched in a paragraph from one of my recent posts it said I write like H. G. Wells. Now, keep in mind, that depending on what passage you paste in, you may not always get matched with the same author. I tried a few other paragraphs from my posts at random, and I got three H. P. Lovecrafts and one Cory Doctorow.

As always, don't take the results as gospel--there's danger in doing that. This is just for fun.

Oh, and this particular post got matched to H. P. Lovecraft. Well, I have been reading a fair amount of the old boy recently. Been wondering why I keep seeing hideous alien geometries everywhere.

Keep writing, friends.

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