Tuesday, March 29, 2016

It's Ostentatiously Wacky!

You folks have had to put up with my rantings about words I can’t stand – hoodie, selfie, melty, to name just a few. But, there are also words I like. Some I even love. And, as you might expect, a lot of them are silly words. Funny words. Some of them have not been used for a long time, but should be. Here’s a random sampling. Sprinkle them into your vocabulary whenever you like. They’ll make you feel good.

Wacky. This is one of those…wacky…words (couldn’t help myself) that sounds like what it describes. Just plain fun to say. Perfect when describing the characteristics of your favorite cartoon characters, as in, “You wacky wabbit…” Most effective when you’re speaking in your best Elmer Fudd voice.

Grok. This could be the name of a caveman. Let’s pause a moment here while we straighten up something that’s always concerned me. Why are cavemen (here’s another thing – why are they always cavemen? What about cavewomen and cavekids? And cavepets?) always named Grok or Grog or Ugg? Perhaps there were some cavepeople named Joe or Bob or Betty Sue and spoke with proper English accents. It could happen. Okay, so, anyway, before my research team got me all sidetracked here, grok is a term from a great book by a great author--"Stranger in a Strange Land" by Robert Heinlein. It’s sort of the galactic version of “I dig”, but goes beyond that. When you grok you have a complete and total understanding of what someone is saying or feeling. You grok?

Ostentatious. I’ve just always liked this word, the sound of it and the size of it. It’s a big word, and it sounds like what it describes, meaning showy, conspicuously exaggerated. Sort of like the phrase I just used, “conspicuously exaggerated.” I don’t use it too often because I think I would sound ostentatious if I said ostentatious. But, I still like it. Try saying it a couple of times. Don’t you feel downright ostentatious when you say it?

I “suwannee”. Not many people know of this word. My grandma used it a lot.  Means something along the lines of "Well, I declare". I've always been partial to that expression.  Makes me think of my grandma.

Consarn. A mild expletive, as in “Well, consarn it!” In the same family of words as “dagnabbit”. I’m not exactly sure what a “consarn” is, or what you’re doing when you “consarn” something. Then again, I don’t know how to "dagnab" anything, either. They're just fun words, usually heard from residents of the cartoon world.

And, finally, there's supercalifragilisticexpialidocious, which is a word and the name of a song from Mary Poppins (1964). To quote Wikipedia, it's a word to say "...when you have nothing to say".  Well, I suwannee!

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Keep writing, friends.

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