Sunday, February 14, 2016

Writing Trouble

Yep, that's what I said. Writing trouble. Out loud, too. We all know it, so why do it?

Age-old question. We do it for fame, fortune, to be heard. But, like any other form of art, it causes us trouble at times. We get stuck, don't like what we've written, or just can't get in the mood. But still we go back to it. Why?

One reason is that when we're cookin', it's a high. It feels good, to see your words come together, and make you laugh, cry, or rage. To see a point made that you just can't do, perhaps, verbally.

I look back over my writing life and I'm amazed that I chose writing in the first place. Or did it choose me, sort of like our animals choose us? Don't know. But here I started off, I wanted to be a physicist or astronomer. Something in the sciences or math. Sure as hell not writing. But I dabbled with journals every so often. Not consistently, though. Science and math still ruled me.

Then, after a good creative writing class in high school, and a fantastic English Composition class, the tap opened up. I started playing with words. I learned that I could put words down in whatever way I felt. Quite unlike most of my early English classes that bled the life out of language.

I've tried a few times to give up writing. Doesn't work. I'd always return to the scene of the crime. I found out that I write because it's what I do. It's not my day job at present, but I am a writer.

More later on the topic...

Keep writing, friends.

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