Wednesday, February 17, 2016

My Grammar is Not My Gramma

Let's Get Personal
 Quick Writer's Service Announcement (WSA). And apologies for having the photo turn up on its side. Still haven't mastered using photos from my smart-aleck phone yet.

This here grammar book, which is, by the way, a fantastic book on grammar, especially for those of us who took it in school like a spoonful of bad medicine, just taught me a thing or two about editing. And, as this is a live-fire blog, and I was in the act of editing mere moments ago, I thought it pertinent to write a brief post about. Oh, and don't write a paragraph like I just did--it's horrible.

Anyway, pronouns. Those words like I, he, or she, that take the place of Fred, Ralph, or Samantha. Fred, Ralph, and Samantha are the antecedents. What happens with pronouns, and what I'm guilty of, is the I, or he, or she, if they're too far away in the sentence from the person they represent, can sound like they're describing the wrong person. And I'm excited because I was editing my stuff and I saw where my pronouns were all confused, and I was able to fix it.

Yes, I know, I can still get a kick out of little things. But it seems an old dog can still learn a thing (or pronoun) or two.

Keep writing, friends. And watch those pronouns.

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