Wednesday, January 27, 2016

What's on Second?

At our workplace pot luck the other day, I just finished the first course and was lingering, loiteringly, in grazing mode, and I became enmeshed in a most curious conversation that went like this:
Someone asked me if I had a second. I said that I did, but it was already gone.
They’d have to pick another second.
Someone else came up and asked if I had a second, and I replied, “A second what?
Second car?
Second’s a weird word.”
Then someone else commented, “I’ll second that.”
I replied, “But we didn’t formally first it yet.”
Then someone else asked, "Why is something called secondhand when it's used?
"Exactly," I seconded. "Does that mean the second hand on a watch is used? Or is it called the second hand because it counts the seconds?"
"On the other hand," another joinee quipped, "there are four fingers and a thumb."
"So, then, is the other hand a second hand? And what distinguishes from your first hand. Who chooses which hand is the first hand? Is it by firsthand knowledge?"
Well, by this point, the verbal and nounal thrust-and-parries had burned off a few calories, so I returned to the food table for seconds.
Keep writing, friends.

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