Wednesday, January 6, 2016

No Bad Words...Bad Thoughts, Maybe...

The title of my post is taken from one of the geniuses in word play who was responsible for sending me down the path of looking wild-eyed at the words we use:

George Carlin

He was right, you know. It's the emotional content behind a word that gives it its power. Words have come and gone, even in my lifetime, some of them doing the pendulum swing. One year something that's good is bad, next year if it's good it's good. Or cool. Or hot. Or tight.

Words come and go. And some of them need to really go. Quickly. I checked out (that was slang, you know...and so it 'you know') the 'net (not a fishing net) and found two sites that list some words that have over-stayed their welcome. Here are a few that I've randomly selected, by no means exhaustive. Or thorough. Or complete.

And before I forget, the two sites are:

The Banished Words List from Lake Superior State University, at 

And, Esquire magazine's "10 Things You Need to Stop Saying Right Now," at 

Problematic--why can't we just say, "That's a problem", or "I have a problem with that?" Problematic is problematic. Let's not use it anymore.

So--As in, "The word problematic is SO problematic." Don't need it.

Manspreading--Seen in bigger cities, especially, where space is at a premium, this is apparently the trend where some guys spread their crap out across two or more seats on a subway, or at a theater. I'm a guy. Cut it out, guys, if you're doing that. All it means is you're spreading out your crap everywhere. That's just inconsiderate, not manspreading. Stop trying to make it sound nice.

I kind of love that--You do or you don't. Get both feet in the water. Go ahead and say you love it. Or someone. No fence riding.

Get with the program--That one's like fingernails on the blackboard. No. Most of the time the program they want me to get with is not a program I have no interest in. Stop it.

Okay, that's enough of my ranting for now. I might've been guilty of manspreading my pet peeves, and I thought I SO wasn't going to do that this year. I know it could be problematic for some folks, and they may not want to get with the program, or even kind of love it.

Stopping now.

Keep writing, friends.

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