Tuesday, January 26, 2016

Music to Write To? Oh, Surely Not

Not sure why, but I've been writing to 80s music today. 'Course, I'm working on the battle scenes, perhaps there's something there. All I know is, I'd tried the usual route today--jazz, classical, some electric Celtic. Nada. Then I plugged in "Roam" into Pandora by the B-52's, and I was off and running.

My foot was going, followed by my hands, and I was on a roll. Oh, I've had plenty of false starts, but I've kept it going. Some Billy Idol, Michael Jackson's "Thriller," and just now "Rock Lobster."

Who knows? Tomorrow I'll perhaps be back to John Coltrane, or Wagner, or Bach. Today it's 80s jam. Ah, well, just go it.

What music works for you folks?

Keep writing, friends.

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