Saturday, January 9, 2016

It's About Time

For many if not all of us writers, time is the question and the answer.

Where will I find the time? When will I find the time? If I only had the time...

And finally, the holidays over, Wendy and I have taken today, this Saturday, as our sacred time, carved in basaltic stone, for writing. So, while eating a supper of fish chowder and crackers with cream cheese, I'm taking this quick break to write about writing time.

We've worked most of the day, writing, and getting back to where we need to be with our writing. For myself, I didn't get much work done on the novel during the hurry-scurry of the holidays. Not making an excuse, I just didn't push myself. Now, the holidays over, we declared this day off-limits.

Right now I'm getting back into my final battle sequence, and I found that the longer I stayed away from my novel, the longer it took to get back into the mindset. So, I've organized my previous writing, fitting the Lego pieces together and listening to my battle music. And finally, I'm returning to the arena, sword in hand.

I would encourage all of my writerly (and art, music, and acting) friends to carve out a chunk of time to work on your craft. Take it, take it, take it. And yes, you do deserve it.

Keep writing, friends.

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