Monday, January 11, 2016

It Ain't Pretty, But I'm Getting the Words Down

Okay, it's gonna be one of those kind of writing days. I've messed around with the font, the font color, the line spacing; I've gotten up, changed from coffee to a Frappuccino; I've tried light jazz, nature sounds, no music. But, grumbling, I'll roll up my sleeves and lay down some really awful words. Fortunately, my wife's a writer, too, and she just called me to see if I was putting down some awful words. "Yes," I replied. "Horrible words. How about you?" "Oh, most assuredly," she said. So, we're writing. Ain't pretty, but it's writing. Here we go...

This was a post I wrote a short while back. Everyone has these days. What I've learned is you just keep chipping away. Today, for example. Word count, pitiful. But at least it was greater than zero. That's what matters.

Keep writing, friends.

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