Friday, January 1, 2016

And We Open to a New Page

Here we are, folks. A new year. 2016. What are your writing goals for this year?

I'm always a bit cautious about resolutions, especially when they come to my writing. Perhaps even suspicious, as I know myself all too well. I've made those well-intentioned forecasts and goals before, only to see them not be met. Or some met, but others ignored, so I'll say what I've said before, for me and my writing friends. Let's call them suggestions. Guidelines. Resolutions are hard-edged. Sharp. Confining. Because things change as we progress in our writing, or art, or music, or acting.

What I will try to do, and try really hard, is to write every day. Even if it's only a sentence. Even a horrible sentence. Because as I've learned, when you turn off the tap, sometimes it's damn hard to turn it back on. So, I will put something down every day.

Next, is finishing my novel. And I do mean finishing. Not kinda sorta finishing, but finishing for unleashing, like the Kraken, unto the world. I've been away from it for a bit during the holidays and I'm making myself put ass in chair to get it done.

Last year about this time I got started writing a magazine article, another story in itself, that took me away from the editing of my book. Won't let that happen this time. I'll push on, like an ice-breaker ship, until it's out the door.

So, folks, here we go. Let's all have a seat, get pen or pencil or laptop or whatever fired up and ready to go and get started.

Happy New Arts Year, folks, and, as always...

Keep writing, friends.

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