Wednesday, December 23, 2015

Jackstein...Edmund Jackstein?

"The rumors that will be told of me," wrote Edmund Jackstein in his book, "On Jackstein Farm.

Yes, odd Eddie, 'tis true. In the text, on page 173, he was writing about another writer from a century earlier, Ned Mud. Come to find out, that's an anagram of Edmund. So, it seems, odd Eddie was writing about himself.

More information has just surfaced recently about Mr. Jackstein, thanks to a few other researchers out there who have shared their knowledge with me. Apparently, the exact years unknown, he left his post at Dunwark College for a time, and travelled to the small Alaska town of Thorton, Alaska. As best we can tell, he tried organizing a group of like-minded gamesters and word punners. He lived at the local library, working as their librarian.

This is where Eddie became even weirder than he was. He became obsessed with the alphabet, but not just the normal letters. He claimed that there were "letters between the normal letters," and worked on this wild theory until he returned to Dunwark College.

This information was recorded in a series of letters he wrote while working as Thorton's librarian, to one Eleanora Pride, another linguist back at Dunwark.

Somehow he and the group he tried to organize had themselves convinced that, for example, there would be a letter between 'A' and 'B', then between 'B' and 'C'.

How he could have maintained these obsessions yet still served, according to many accounts, as a wonderful librarian, is yet another mystery within the mystery of Mr. Edmund Jackstein.

One question: was he attempting to break some sort of code? That requires further investigation?

Keep writing, friends.

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